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Can you remember your first exposure to sex stories?

I remember walking to the store with my friends to buy a couple sodas. It was a beautiful summer day, and as we were walking, we noticed something... that looked like.. a picture of.. yes.. a naked woman!

I think it was my friend Manny who noticed it first and pointed it out to us. It was about 10 feet back off the side of the road in the long grass - folded, crinkled, a bit crumpled up some damage to the outside pages but the inside was in pretty good shape.

We have seen 'nudie magazines' before thanks to Nick's dads "secret" stash - but we never saw anything quite like this before - it was a bunch of stories.

The sodas had to wait, we took off with it into our spot in the woods and started exploring it.

I think it was Penthouse Letters - remembering back over my preferences through time, I remember always liking the writing in Penthouse much more than other magazines... and we never got rid of that thing, so it must have been golden quality.

The things we understood were hot... and the things we didn't understand were even hotter!

After finding this, we'd be calling each other names based on what we thought were the most wild references we could remember. I can only imagine what they were.. we thought we were so sexually advanced, out there and sophisticated. If an adult ever heard the way we were using these terms, we likely would have been laughed off the planet. Forget being grounded or beaten - this must have been comedy gold to hear.

But nonetheless, we were getting off on this in a big way.

This summer was ours. We went from throwing rocks, building forts and what not, to wondering what Mike's mom looked like naked... and what kind of things that lady with the big jiggly boobs would do when she wasn't beating her carpet against the fence with a broom.

Not too terribly long ago I happened upon Penthouse online in a fit of nostalgia (or so I thought).

Let me tell you, it's a long distance from magazine memories to massive online archives!

They have Penthouse Letters - Variations and Penthouse Forum all available for erotic reading in addition to a bunch of porn with Penthouse quality chicks and Penthouse pets by name and year going back to the 70's - it's insane!

I have been tired of hopping around lame nasty stories sites that seem to mostly have really old stuff from the BBS days.. I was really excited to discover this - and I'm guessing you might be too since you ended up at this page, no doubt searching for sex stories.

You'll know you've hit the real deal the second you get there... way better than any magazine subscriptions I can remember in quality and value. I think you're going to love it...

You can have it all - and should be ready for it by now...

Go check it out!

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